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The maintenance of air permits and general air compliance is, like many environmental regulatory programs, not necessarily easy to follow. The preparation of emission data and chemical/equipment inventories for application preparation is relatively complex. ECM provides air compliance and industrial hygiene services to include permitting, testing and compliance assessments.

ECM has supported its client base of primarily industrial and service clientele by expediting the permitting process. In many instances, ECM can help with negotiating permit conditions. And although many of our clients have environmental, health and safety (EHS) managers that can prepare their company’s air permit applications and compliance reports internally, many of them do not have the time to research the regulations or readily compile the necessary information. These managers rely on ECM to supplement their expertise as their air permit consultant.

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Air services provided by ECM include:

  • Permitting

    • Conventional

    • Batch

    • Non-Reactive

    • Pilot Plant


  • Air Compliance Assessments

    • (VOC/NOx) Emission Assessment

    • Reasonable Available Control Technology (RACT) standards

    • Fugitive emissions

    • Particulates and Chemicals

    • Title V

    • Emission Estimates and Statements

    • Air Emissions Banking

  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments

  • Equipment Assessment and Recommendation for Compliance Acceptability

  • Vapor Intrusion

  • Air Monitoring and Sampling

  • Safety Compliance Audits

  • Safety Compliance Plans

  • Worker Safety Training

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