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We thank our Customers for their support throughout the years. We hope they have appreciated our services as much as we have appreciated their business. The ECM Client base is as diverse as its services. Focused primarily on non-residential clientele, ECM offers environmental services to Industry, Service Organizations, Municipalities, Commercial Businesses, Architect & Engineering Firms, and other Consulting Companies.

ECM provides its clientele with a personal “the client-comes-first” business relationship. Whether working for a small business firm with less than 10 persons, or a large Fortune 100 corporation, we at ECM try to accommodate our client needs to their satisfaction every time. Our baseline client list encompasses various industries including manufacturing, assembly, service, utilities packaging and transportation.

A summary breakdown of those sectors includes:

  • Architect & Engineering Firms

  • Attorneys

  • Automobile Industry

  • Banking Industry

  • Building Products

  • Chemical Manufacturers

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Commercial Laboratories

  • Commercial Laundry Industries

  • Commercial Real Estate & Management Companies

  • Communications Companies

  • Construction Companies

  • Consumer Products Companies

  • Cosmetic Companies

  • Defense Contractors

  • Developers

  • Firearms Manufacturers

  • Flavors & Fragrances

  • Food & Beverage Industries

  • Home Products Manufacturers

  • Hotel Chains

  • Information Technology Companies

  • Insurance Industry

  • Lake & Watershed Associations

  • Medical Products & Equipment Device Manufacturers

  • Metal Fabricators

  • Microchip / Electronics Industry

  • Municipal & County Governments

  • Municipal Utility Authorities

  • Non-Government Organizations

  • Petroleum Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Plastics Industry

  • Private Utilities

  • Public Utilities

  • Recycling Companies

  • Remediation Contractors

  • Retail Services (e.g., Service Stations & Auto Dealers)

  • Shipping Industry

  • Specialty Chemical Companies

  • Specialty Gas Manufacturers

  • Tool & Mold Manufacturers

  • Toy & Craft Companies

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